TikTok had its launch Pro accounts in the past year, and they benefit the user by providing a dashboard full of analytics and other research results. These valuable data can help to gain a massive reach in this platform. Analytics acts as the vital factor necessary for social media marketing to maximize the engagement rates and to increase the audience base. With a few steps, any user can switch to a TikTok Pro account that is now available free of cost. The user can select the Privacy and settings option and Click on “Manage my Account,” and choose “Switch to Pro Account.”

TikTok effectively gathers and displays information after a week once the TikTok Pro account is set up. Therefore it is highly recommended to push out maximum content at the earliest to receive the most informative insights. Also, the user needs to be patient while beginning to carve the presence, get comfortable with the platform’s capabilities, and understand how it can be used to cater to their audience. The fundamental categories that TikTok displays within the dashboard include profile overview, follower insights, and content insights.

By clicking the relevant tabs at the Analytics screen, the user can discover more granular specifics and craft the overall performance.

Profile Overview Functions:

The Profile overview analytics is relevant to the profile’s overall functioning, including video view, and follower count on the profile. The tab provides vital information such as total profile visits daily that may help the creators understand the content type that works best with the audiences and provides traffic to the page. If you buy TikTok likes your profile will gain enormous views; it helps improve your visibility. 

The tab also details the times the profile was visited and explicitly identifies the post that got sufficient views and traffic to the page. You can classify how many viewers you gained in a specific period on the videos from this category. Further the same can be categorized into the actual number of users who has seen the profile.

Content Analytics

The TikTok’s content analytics dashboard contains three main sections:

Overview: This section provides general details about your views and followers.

Content: In-depth information about the response of your content among the audience.

Followers: Information regarding the activities of your audience in TikTok.

The tabs provide you with sufficient information to determine your audience’s content type enjoys and best time for posting. It is essential to utilize metrics from the Content section to study if you reach people in your targeted field and determine whether your videos entertain people effectively.

For example, if the average watch time is reduced, it could be understood that you have an attractive caption. Still, the entertaining aspects are not delivered quickly enough in the video. Arranging more engaging parts of your video to the earlier sections can draw the audience’s attention and keep them entertained.

Follower Insights And Activities:

The follower count shows the number of total followers you’ve gained or lost a week over the week. The metrics are specifically focused on where the country locates your followers. It also measures the top locations of your viewers, unlike other traffic sources. Studying your followers’ breakdown can help you identify if you’re reaching your brand’s target audience.

TikTok provides follower activity by determining your followers’ activeness on the platform and suggesting you the best time to post.

This is a significantly beneficial metric because it provides the hourly times on exact dates in which your audience is active and scrolling and can know the least active period of your audience. Once you find the best time, try uploading and posting. Also, post nothing during the inactive period of the followers. Reevaluate the reports weekly to identify your sweet spot.

Sounds recap is another helpful metric in TikTok. It contains entirely useful information about what Sounds your followers are using and listening to. This metric allows you to quickly listen, watch, and see total video views. Tap on the song and press the bookmark icon to save these songs to your favorites. Your favorites may help you create content with music/sounds that may attract and keep your audience interactive. Thus, TikTok is the elegant platform to elevate your social media game.