TikTok enables users to create short videos and share them with other users on the platform. The app has witnessed a tremendous rise, particularly in India. According to the reports of Sensor Tower, around three hundred million users have downloaded the app in India. The app has reached around one billion downloads worldwide.

TikTok is the trending digital hangout that has turned out as the primary channel for kids to explore new and creative methods to explore themselves. They can stay entertained while still following their interests and also can buy TikTok likes, gather views and shares for their creative efforts. The app has in-built editing tools, dialogue clips, free music, and filters that make video creation an easy task at any advanced level. TikTokers can share their lip-sync videos, funny sketches, and spontaneous performances. Based upon the reviews posted by teenagers, TikTok is a potential outlet to reduce stress and build confidence.

Tips For Family Safety

Downloading the TikTok, creating an account, and exploring is the best method to understand the application. The user needs to spend time individually on the app to research hashtags, scroll through feeds, and get comfortable to create content. The user can check the safety center in TikTok to get an overview regarding the safety tools. Also, the privacy center allows parents to check the data used by their child.

The parents need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the content and how it gets aligned with the basic digital rules. It is advisable to browse content together with the child.

Only authentic followers can watch the child’s videos and send messages to the children by having the account private. Also, the app has a restricted mode for users below eighteen years of age to discard inappropriate content.

The parent’s can also link their account with their TikTok account to fix restrictions, direct messages, and comment filters. Users can also turn off comments on a particular video, restricting unknown users from following them. Kids can get connected with more people by changing privacy settings.

The users may get easily addicted to TikTok and spend countless hours. The well-being element of the app alerts the users every two hours. The filtering software includes methods to fix screen limits. It takes courage to publish original content online. This feature may attract bullies, thereby possibly making an unsafe environment for children. It is recommended that kids have the upper hand over online by offering encouragement to other users whenever needed.

TikTok app is segmented into two main sections. By default, the “For You” feed generates a cluster of videos algorithmically similar to that of Explore Page on Instagram. If the user swipes left, they can see the “Following” feed that is curated personally. This feed displays the uploads from the peers they wish to follow.

The app encourages content creation, as the users can creatively implement the “Reactions” feature to respond to the preferable videos. Kids indulge in the pressure of creating more and engaging content. Also, they chase fame by taking part in tough challenges. TikTok has made maximum efforts to enhance privacy and security on the app.

Device Management

TikTok is a widely used popular application that is doing an incredible job in its video streaming services. Recently, the app has introduced safety control features for the users. TikTok launches the “Device Management” feature that enables the users to entirely take control of their TikTok account. This feature encourages users to end sessions or delete accounts on other devices within the application, which helps them maintain the account safely.

Also, TikTok has released a cluster of educational videos both in English and Hindi to create awareness of the safety features’ functioning. Digital Wellbeing features, including Screen Time Management, allow users to control their time spent on the platform. Also, it supports limiting the displaying of videos that are inappropriate to the user’s feed. The safety features of the app include restricted mode, screen time management, comments filter, age gate, and safety center.

Recently TikTok has also deleted six million videos, which seemed to violate the community guidelines of the platform. The company has also declared that they are taking the initiative in launching new tools to create a positive and safe environment for the users. Also, users can continually express their creativity and have fun.