Day One: goodbye Idaho — 9 week U.S tour begins.

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we launched our big Spring 2008 U.S. Tour yesterday. took our time getting out of our snowy fortress at The Helibase, making sure that we had everything in line for the next 9 weeks. we’ve gotten used to leaving, but the notion that we weren’t coming back for 2 months was a litle weird to digest. we’re all really excited to be back on the road though, and curious what sort of adventures we’ll find along the way. and curious how much, if any, of that snow around ye ‘ol Ghost Ghost will be outside The Helibase when we return.

rolled into Salt Lake City around 7pm. made our way to Curry in a Hurry for some tasty Indian food to go and then over to our friends’ place to eat and drop off some stuff. tasty tasty indian food.

we played at Burt’s Tiki Lounge. good place. they treat us well. it was a relatively quiet night with midterms going on and being a Wed. but we enjoyed our company. Eric Openshaw Band opened the show, then our friends The Gorgeous Hussies played. i think they played mostly new material. it was cool. lots of tricky changes. but they also know when to simplify and just be musical. nice balance. they dedicated a song about ‘home’ to us. had me thinking about the nature of what we consider ‘home’. in all honesty, being on the road has felt more like home to me these days than anywhere that i have my own bed. sure, i miss walking around in my underwear and sleeping in my own bed, but i can’t deny that travelling and playing music fulfills me in a similar way that the notion of ‘home’ does. it’s like my country house. my feather bed. my fishing hole. my local grocery store. my family. my friends. my job that i love. my favorite tv show. my dog. my own backyard. maybe even a trampoline or a swimming pool. it’s odd. but being on tour really does feel like ‘home’ these days. and being at where we pay rent always feels a little weird. not bad. just not like ‘home’. so it’s good to be ‘home’. really excited about the next several months.

we played after the Hussies. lisa and cam are both still dealing with colds that are making it hard for them to sing, so we adjusted our set accordingly. it was fun. lisa broke a string for the first time in a long while, but played the rest of her set on her old guitar. worked out great. good start to tour despite a few difficulties (vox, broken strings)… didn’t really phase us. we just had fun with it.

local heroes the Purr Bats played after us. 6 piece post-punk / new wavey stuff. really sweet. they all wore black crowns and big red P’s on their chests. it was awesome. had us all shakin our asses a little bit. great guys too. look forward to hooking up with them again. it was a good night. thankful to have had good bands playing with us.

now enjoying the sunny weather here in SLC. we play a benefit concert at Weber State University in Ogden tonight. should be fun.

got a kick out of the marquee last night:

reporting for all of us Rigginses.

Dear Valentines:

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oh to all the LUVRS that spent their precious Valentine’s Day with us, we thank you from the deepest and greatest depths of our beating beating hearts. Last night at Hogan’s in Clarkston, WA was super special to us. Despite all of us being super sick and hardly able to sing, much less see straight, y’all gave us the heartiest big LUV-filled fun show with all your enthusiasm and rowdiness. all night was a LUV fest of the utmost brilliance. and we have all our Valentine’s to thank! that includes, but is not limited to: Tony, Skate, Dave, Austin and the rest of the Hogan’s staff!! Milo Duke for his glorious set in between ours and for his appearance as MC The Dukest in the midst of our first set. Evy Llyan for kickin things off so beautifully and for smiling big and dancing big and for general awesomeness. Sarah Foster for making the trek from Moscow and dancing her ass off all night — oh my how we luv thee! Kristin Friesen for being our valentine! for the super cute box of chocolates, for being the ‘devil in the blue dress’ and for being so fun! oh my! Mary Packer and Any Jacobsen for also making the trek from Moscow for a romantic dinner with us and for the nice comfy place to stay! and to Ree and Meghan and Okey and everyone else that made it out and gave us their hearts on ‘ol Valentine’s Day. special thanks to everyone that helped us sing A President, A Pacifist, An Auto Restorer at the end of the show with all of our voices caving in on us… that was a super special way to end the night. couldn’t have done it without ya. thank you thnk you thnk you.

we’re just now waking up in our most favorite place in the world… MOSCOW, ID!!! so excited to be here. this place is magic.

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Spring National Tour Kickoff Show Announced! — Leap Day!!

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we will be kicking off our big national tour this spring with a show at home on Leap Day.

Friday, 2/29
@ Fresshies
Hailey, ID
our friend Piers Lamb will open.

we’re continuing our album release tour with a big two month national tour starting March 5th. this will be our most extensive tour to date as we will be playing shows in Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachussettes, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana and of course Idaho. we leave March 5th and will return to Idaho on May 3rd.

for a full and consistently updated tour itinerary go to:

so pumped to be playing on Leap Day. what a rare opportunity. :]

the finn rigginses

big easy

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2/8/08 Boise, ID

-friday the 8th. the Big Easy. we were honored to be a part of IQEQ’s CD release party for their new album Loco/Motive. it was a fun show, with other Boiseans Ned Evett and Malachi also playing short sets. pretty full house for most of the night. hopefully be posting some photos soon as our new friend Dominique was on hand once again and shot during most of our set. it was pretty whirlwind all in all, but a fun set and a fun night nonetheless.

-good to see ya boise. we’ll see ya again in may. luv you.

Rock Out With Yer Caucus Out — IDAHO

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a few notes on the last several days:

1/31/08 + 2/1/08

-cancelled two shows in Montana due to extreme winter weather in the region. specifically a blizzard that shutdown most of Idaho on what was our main travel day north. thanks again to Grant and Compound Productions for setting up the Bozeman show and for graciously understanding our predicament and rolling with the punches. same goes for the crew behind the Friday show. Big Quinn. Out The Lights. etc.


-woke up early Saturday morning to watch Barack Obama’s appearance at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID being broadcast via local TV. We had tons of friends that made it in person and Idaho represented huge with over 14,000 people coming out for an early morning rally and packing the place… they even had to turn away a ton of people. Really exciting. We were pumped to have a couple of Idaho shows leading right up to the Idaho Caucus for the opportunity to help spread the word and help get people excited, but Obama’s appearance pretty much sealed the deal. It was awesome.

-played at the First National in Pocatello, ID that night. been creating a really awesome relationship with the Nash and with Pocatello in general, as it’s been a regular stop since early on in the life of Finn Riggins. Between consistent support from the campus radio station KISU 91.1 FM (thanks Levi + Beat City Radio!! and McKenzie!!) and several rad and enthusiastic people we continue to have fun shows there. Sort of feels like family these days. And our family gatherings are pretty epic in the fun realm. This night was no different. Travis Shipley + Dorian once again opened the show with goodness. Overall, lots of body movin and fun. And we gained a new slogan for problem solving: Let’s Hug It Out, Bitch

-thanks to Jamie, Bonnie, Joel, Dan and the rest of the Nash staff; and to everyone else that continue to make Poky a great place to come back to.


-woke up late. blizzard. warm and wet one though. drive to Boise went fast. watched the New York Giants shock the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. liked it. jumped up and down. well worth the time.

-found out that our buddies Woven (los angeles, ca) would not be able to make it to the show in Boise the next night with us due to weather and bad roads between Portland and Boise.


-night before Idaho Democratic Caucus. we had a show at Terrapin Station in Boise that was supposed to be with Woven and that we had playfully been dubbing a Rock Out With Your Caucus Out pre-funk party. Woven wasn’t going to make it as noted above. we decided it would be fun to throw an invite out on myspace and see if we could round up some folks to play the show with us for fun.
-it worked. Boise bands Low-Fi and A Seasonal Disguise both jumped onboard within an hour of the invite being posted. it was awesome. they were great additions. check them both out. we had so much fun with them.

-made a new friend in photographer Dominique Svamberk. she took some cool photos of us that night (including the one at the beginning of this post). we look forward to working with her more. check out her work at
-we played late. it was fun. lots of fun. cool crew stuck it out with us. thanks to everyone that came out on a monday night! lisa and cam drove home to hailey. i stayed behind to help around the house since my dad had just gotten home from open heart surgery and we’d be back in Boise on Thursday anyhow.
Super Duper Tuesday. and Idaho was a part of it all. atleast for the Democratic nominees. i had found out the night before that i could volunteer if i showed up outside the caucus area at 4pm. so i did so. jumped on as a volunteer for the Obama caucus crew. started as a ‘greeter’ passing out stickers and being friendly, then traded up as a ‘section leader’. didn’t really change much, just helped the girl that was wearing that tag to relax more than anything. Since i was in Boise, i was taking part in the Ada County caucus, which was the largest in the whole country since Idaho was caucusing by county and not by precinct. It was in Qwest Arena — a 6500 capacity hockey stadium. The Obama seats filled up super fast, and after a rumour that people outside were being told they’d be turned away, i was part of a crew that went outside to clear up the fact that everyone would get to vote. The line outside was out of control. Winding all around the area, with no end in sight. So exciting! At 7pm, though, the doors were closed and all ballots had to be collected. 2400 or so were unable to get in! So i ran around outside helping other volunteers enable those shut out to vote — getting them ballots and collecting them. Everyone got their ballots in and all of us volunteers cruised back inside. After a long long long wait, the results rolled in with Obama taking everything. No other candidate in either district in Ada County garnered the necessary 15% to have even one delegate sent to the state convention. A sweep!! It was rad. People of all walks of life out in force.
-Lisa and Cam both caucused for Obama up in Hailey at the Blaine County Caucus. Obama swept there too. They also packed their room and had to turn people away. Like the rest of the country, record turnouts.
-at the end of the night, Obama had his largest margin of victory in Idaho, 82% to 17%, taking 15 of the 18 delegates. we did our part. the movement is on. so great that Idaho was a player this year. for once feeling like a legitimate part of the process. once again making me feel proud to be an Idahoan.
let’s see this through, eh?
i’m liking the looks of things for Obama, and for the country with him as our next president. exciting times!