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summer 2010 tour dates

here’s our summer tour schedule as it currently stands… mostly regional stuff but we will be doing a week of shows with BUILT TO SPILL in August starting out in North Carolina. hope to see you at one or some of these! starts this week!!

6/17 BOISE, ID @ The Linen Building w/ Hosannas + Empty Space Orchestra
6/18 BEND, OR @ Rise Up International Warehouse w/ Hosannas + Empty Space Orchestra
6/19 PORTLAND, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Hosannas + Empty Space Orchestra
6/20 OLYMPIA, WA @ Northern w/ Shellshag
6/25 YAKIMA, WA @ Yakima Sports Center w/ Red Jacket Mine
6/26 SEATTLE, WA @ Georgetown Music Festival
6/27 BOISE, ID @ Boise Rec Fest in Ann Morrison Park
7/2 EL CERRITO, CA @ I Am We House
7/3 SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest
7/9 POCATELLO, ID @ Flipside Lounge w/ Dolman
7/10 VICTOR, ID @ Knotty Pine w/ Dolman
7/14 BOISE, ID @ The Warehouse at 5115
7/15 KETCHUM, ID @ Whiskey Jacques
7/22 SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ The Woodshed w/ Vile Blue Shades
7/23 BOULDER, CO @ Boulder Draft House
7/24 DENVER, CO @ The Underground Music Showcase
8/8 ASHEVILLE, NC @ The Orange Peel w/ BUILT TO SPILL
8/9 ATLANTA, GA @ Buckhead Theatre w/ BUILT TO SPILL
8/10 LITTLE ROCK, AR @ The Village w/ BUILT TO SPILL
8/11 DALLAS, TX @ Granada Theater w/ BUILT TO SPILL + Telegraph Canyon
8/12 AMARILLO, TX @ The 806
8/14 BELLEVUE, CO @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre w/ BUILT TO SPILL
8/19 BOISE, ID @ Terrapin w/ Symmetry/Symmetry
8/20 MCCALL, ID @ Salmon River Brewery
8/25 HAILEY, ID @ Wicked Spud Back Alley Concert Series


ranch fest V was a huge success!!! thank you!!

thanks to all the incredible bands that made the trek for this year’s barn party on the remote camas prairie in central idaho. high desert rock n roll. doesn’t get much wilder. amazing amazing amazing. thanks to everyone that attended and helped out and rallied the spirits!! what an incredible group of people committed to awesomeness. seriously, blew our minds how smoothly everything went. and what a ridiculously amazing time the whole weekend was. please do keep up with the bands (links below) that played this year on their endeavors around the country and we’ll see you next year!

summer tour dates announced next week!! some very exciting stuff going on this summer season.

the finn rigginses

12am CATCHUM TROLLS (hailey)
11pm YEAH GREAT FINE (portland)
10pm THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS (moscow, id)
9pm SONS OF GUNS (la grande)
8pm SLEEPY SEEDS (boise)
7pm ROOKS (hailey)
6pm FINN RIGGINS (boise)

12am FINN RIGGINS (boise)
11pm THE DONT’S (san francisco)
10pm BOY EATS DRUM MACHINE (portland)
9pm TARTUFI (san francisco)
8pm LE FLEUR (boise)
7pm CITY OF ANIMALS (la grande) )
6pm LOW-FI (boise)
5pm WITH CHILD (boise)
4pm PIERS LAMB (hailey)
3pm THE VERY MOST (boise)
2pm TRAVIS SILVERS (bay area)

HILLFOLK NOIR (boise) – in between sets acoustic by the fire
A SEASONAL DISGUISE (boise) – in between sets acoustic by the fire.

home sweet home

we’re home safe and sound. best tour yet! thank you all for making it so incredible. blown away by all the enthusiasm and generosity that came our way over the 80 days we were out bouncing around this country in our humble little van. we couldn’t have done it without all of your kindness and we can’t thank you enough. great people all over this country. it’s moving. it’s awesome. thank you.

more blog postage and some photos on our Boise Weekly tour blog

lots of exciting things on the horizon. some shows regionally this weekend and throughout the summer and fall. full schedule at more updates soon!!


Final week of tour! home to Idaho this weekend!

but first, shows in MINNEAPOLIS tonight! DICKINSON, ND tomorrow! MISSOULA, MT thursday! played a really fun show in LAWRENCE, KS last night. more updates on recent adventures on our tour blog hosted by the Boise Weekly:

hard to believe we’ll be home in 4 more days. day 76 today. our own beds are calling us! big bad fun shows in MOSCOW, IDAHO this friday and back home in BOISE on saturday! more details at

sunday was mother’s day. the LimeWire Music Blog out of NYC asked Cameron and Eric and their moms a few questions… very cute. we LOVE our moms!!

thanks for all the love and support. y’all have made this monstrous tour the best ever!!

PS we stopped by the infamous Daytrotter Studios yesterday morning in Rock Island, IL and recorded a 5 song session. got to play on some rad gear and re-interpret a couple of our songs and record a little surprise. not sure yet when the session will be released, but we’ll keep you posted. very excited to share!