Ranch Fest next weekend!

egilbert finn riggins

Our annual barn-scorcher in an imaginary prairie town in Idaho is next weekend! May 25th and 26th. If you’re not already RSVP’d and in the loop, email Gilbert at helibasebooking@gmail.com for the inside scoop. Directions and all the important details being sent out as we speak. Another incredible line-up this year and with the weather outlook, it’s poised to be the best Ranch Fest ever.

In other news, we’re playing with JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD in Boise next Wednesday — May 23rd — at Neurolux and our local friends ART FAD are opening. If you live nearby, we encourage you not to miss this show. Rocknroll glory awaits you.

And speaking of glory, check out this review of Benchwarmers, one of the most entertaining reviews I’ve ever read — courtesy of Brooklyn-based blog Syffal crazy ass review

Some very exciting summer tour dates to be announced next week!
Stay tuned.