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it’s been yet another incredible year for us finn rigginses, and it’s not even over yet. our tour continues tomorrow with a show in one of our hometowns — ‘ol Hailey, ID — and then next Wednesday we head to Salt Lake City again and on to Colorado for about 10 days. we have lots of thanks to spread around, so much so that we can’t fathom to cover everyone that deserves our gratitude, so i’ll start with a blanket statement thanking everyone that has supported us this year or anytime along this path we’ve been on for the last few years. thank you for whatever tiny or large contribution you’ve made to the wind in our sails. we couldn’t continue to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into this crazy musical adventure if it weren’t for all of you. so thank you. we have hugs for you next time we see each other. and we hope we see each other soon.

more specifically, and most recently, we’d like to give a huge thanks to Doug, Brett, Brett, Scott and Jim of BUILT TO SPILL for inviting us to tour with them and for being so generous with their time, ears FINN_SEA2_01and support. the 8 shows we played with them around the NW a week ago were 8 of the most incredible shows we’ve had the honor of playing. really incredible group of people they attract and we had the time of our lives. also thanks to the kind Swiss folks of DISCO DOOM and to Jason Albertini for all of his kind words and support and sick bass playing. and to Ian Waters and Steve Gere for their efforts behind the soundboard. and of course to our new friend Tyler Kohlhoff who bravely jumped in the van for most of the tour snapping photos (all of the ones in this post) and providing general entertainment, good vibes and real talk to the core. and thanks to Rachael for enduring the whole of our fall tour and for helping out with merch and photos and for doing the best in keeping this tour blog somewhat fresh.

also huge thanks to Jared and Brianne Mees who have championed us from the beginning and continue to do so with all of their Tender Loving might and good will. they have become two of our bestest friends and family and thus we start each day thanking our lucky stars to be working with such kind and amazing people in this incredible endeavor. may Tender Loving Empire continue to flourish and spread goodness around the land.

some of our newest teammates that we owe bunches of high fives and thank yous to are Joan Hiller Depper and her mighty assistant Nathan Walker for all of their efforts trumpeting to the press world FINN_SEA2_08about our new album and tour and overall mission. we’re very thankful to be in the fun-loving hands of this very cute Riot Act Media team. we love them. we wished we lived closer to them. real talk.

also like to acknowledge the home team here in Boise of Sam and Anneliessa and the Visual Arts Collective for everything that it brings to the music and art scene here in the Treasure Valley. and for their role in helping to inspire and record our new album. and huge thanks to Steve Fulton and Pat Storey and AudioLab for providing the space, gear and guidance to make it all happen. and of course all of the local bands and musicians here that help feed the fire, as well as all the regular show goers that do their part in supporting the local music scene.

we would also like to thank all of the great artists we’ve been blessed to work with along the way… the man behind all of our album art as well as a lot of the t-shirts and stickers and posters — Lloyd E 10-9-09 CD Release  at VACWinter IV. thank you so much. thanks to Kevin Fitzpatrick aka KMF Illustration for designing this website and for some poster work as well. huge thanks to Jason Sievers for the amazing stop-animation video he did for Wake as well as several posters. thanks to Julia Green for all the posters she’s done for us both present and past. that also goes for Santiago Uceda and James Lloyd. and thanks to Erin Cunningham for her collaboration with Julia Green for the epic “duel” album release party poster. and thanks to Joseph Von Stengel for the live digital mash-up projections he adds to our show when he can as well as some videos. and to the fine photographers we’ve been lucky enough to work with recently: Sam Guerrero, Tyler Kohlhoff, Bobby McHugh, Sarah Ann Curtis and Abigail Rickertsen

and from there, in no particular order, for all the inspiration, hospitality, help, fun and support we’d like to thank: Elijah Jensen, Le Fleur, Z.V. House and A Seasonal Disguise, Joey Corsentino, Mark Devito, Ben Thorne, Neil Thompson, Low Red Land, Lynne Angel, Brian Gorman, Tartufi, Mary Packer, Andy Jacobson, Milo Duke, Travis Silvers, Sarah Long, Chris Simpson, Jared Mees and Megan Spear and all of the different Grown Children over the last couple of years, Phil Merrell, Juntura, The Universal, FINN_SEA2_12Jennifer Orr and ORRiginal Promotions, Marty Martin, Jeremy Martin, Noel Weber, Nollifur, Church of Craft, The Mend Project, Brian Mayer, Chelsea Snow, Faux Bois, Tuck Nelson, La Knots, Church, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Small Sur, Typhoon, World’s Greatest Ghosts, The Dont’s, Verna Beware, The Mutineers, A Gun That Shoots Knives, Talkdemonic, We Vs The Shark, Sister Suvi, Tune-Yards, Nat Baldwin, Man / Miracle, Orem The Sink, Battle School, Spondee, Asher in the Rye, The Awful Truth, Shark Speed, Niki, Elena, and the whole Las Cruces crew, Eric Martin, Julia Piaskowski, Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara, Dan for the cigar box guitar and the fun house show, Dust Bunny Monster, The WOW Hall, Commodore Ballroom, The Showbox at the Market, Bobby McHugh, Matt King, Allen Ireland, Neurolux, Mike Watt, The Missingmen, A Modern Balloonist, Mere Cat, The Very Most, Gia Trotter, Ryan and Marisa Gibler, Noah Beck, Betsy and Chris Kornelis, Amy Atkins, Tara Morgan, Boise Weekly, Michael Mannheimer, Willammette Week, Zaph Mann, OPB, Jeremy Petersen, Levi Montana Keller, KISU, Lindsay Lloyd, Travis Shipley, Jamie Bailey, Gary Vance, Christina Osborne, Eric and Erica Rothwell, FINN_SEA2_17Brian and Amanda Anderson, Sarah Thompson, Aaron Hird, Ben Wickham, Matt Connor, Ryan Furniss, Luke Hayhurst, Zach Jones, Speedboat, Microbabies, In The Shadow of the Mountain, ATTN, Scarf!, Vagerfly, KUOI, Radio Free Moscow (KRFP), Friends of the Clearwater, 1912 Community Center, Moscow Renaissance Fair, Bennett Barr, Mark Lesko, Moscow Food Co-op, John’s Alley, Mikey’s Gyros, Bookpeople, One World Cafe, Sara Foster, Kristine Petterson, The McMurtrys, Brenda and John Erhardt, Dani Vargas, John Duncan, The Gilbert Family, The Bouiss Family, The Simpson Family, The Bell Family, Empyrean Coffeehouse, Baby Bar, Yarn Owl, Larson Hicks, The Holiday Friends, Nonie & the Static, Rhythmmemory, Invincible Dude, Horsefeathers, Sam Cooper, Fort George Brewery in Astoria, The Globes, The Magic Mirrors, Doctor Doctor, Rooftops, WhAAM!, Council of Lions, +/- Promotions, Cory Stier, Bar Pink, Starving Daughters, The French Semester, Halloween Swim Team, the Grand Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, FINN_SEA2_33Rotating Tongues 2, Doug Martsch, Dave Nuss, Rusty Jordan, Brent Harada, Gratitillium, No Go Know, Jason Ausmus, Willow Danelle and Phil, Ida Jokisaari, The Lottery, Mount Shasta, Charles and Quinn and Alex’s Restaurant in Ashland, Jeni Rose Larsen, Chubbs Toga, Sam Schumacher, John Brunsfeld, Shelly Werner, Ben Aiman, Jill Aiman, Adam Stone, Bethany Andrews, Nate Orton, Or The Whale, Geographer, French Miami, Will Sartain, The Future of the Ghost, The Chalfonts, Mike Gill, Piers Lamb, Ryan Peck, Sean Richitella, John Blakesley, Sera Cahoone, Church Mouse, Yakima Sports Center, Becca Yenser, Chad Dryden, The Linen Building, The Modern Hotel, Michael Deeds, 94.9 The River, Boise Food Co-op, Patty Payton, Radio Boise, Elizabeth Orcutt, David Foster, Chris Hess, Nick Garcia, John O’Neill, Record Exchange, Joy Hart, Stephanie Coyle, Go Listen Boise, Ali Ward, Travis Ward, Hillfolk Noir, Thomas Paul, Alive After Five, Tim Johnstone, The Mother Hips, Eagle Island Experience Festival, Fresshies and crew in Hailey, Jake Kraft, Adam Kraft, Kevin Klinges, Eric Rogers, KECH, Carrie York, Lyndsey Laschek, Sun Valley Brewery, Wicked Spud, Dana Dugan, Heidi Albrecht, Tibby Plasse, Dana Plasse, Idaho Mountain Express, KBOO, KPSU, all of the other radio stations playing us around north america, Josh Mazzochi, Ian Gravenmier, Nick Stelma, Justin Ross, Greg Schaefer, Sara Urbany, Travis Urbany, Tim Hillman, Forrest Collins, Anne Devereaux, Carrie Jackson, Mariah Palmer, Julia Harakay, David Fox, Cody Fisher, Salmon River Brewery, The Fold at Silverlake Lounge, Woven, Rich Abagon, Total Hound, Geographer, The Bay Bridged, Low-Fi, The Crawlspace, Test Audiences, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, City of Animals, Greg Rawlins, Boise Bicycle Project, Yeah Great Fine, Blue Horns, Phantom!, Sundance Kids, Kites & Crows, El Olio Wolof, The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, FINN_SEA2_38Lucas Moller, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest at Stanford University, Chico State University, Midland Prep, Isabella Stolof, Orange County Healing Center, Rontoms, East End, Kat Gardiner, Jenna Ringelheim, Tyson Deal, Hallie Reikowsky, Chris Jennings and the Satellite Gallery, Mark Clatterbuck, Matt Clatterbuck, Wildlife Refugees, John Mueller, Bill and Annie, Wayne and Angie, Ian Clark, James McKenzie Kennedy, Mike Surber, Steve Knecht, Fissure Mystic, The Ettes, Vitamins, BOAT, Black Whales, Josh Hedlund, University Pulse, Liam Riddell, Cherry City Music Festival, The Daveys, Oregon Voice, Stephen Person, Sarabecca Barnett, Alan Solan, Leigh Robartes, Autumn Lear, Liz Bageant, Abby Anderson, Hogan’s Place in Clarkston, Skate and Bailey and crew, The Murrs, Kristin Friesen, Empty Space Orchestra, Silver Moon Brewery, Laurel Brauns, Ben Walden, Pussy Gutt, Bob Stimpert, Bob Trombley, Adrienne Hinckel, Michael Thomas, Brian and Lindsay Shirley, Sean McComb, Joe and Zoey Kory, Chad Conner, FINN_SEA2_31Carly Henry, Charyl Francois, Check it Out Music, Drop the Beat, Amplifier Magazine, San Francisco Weekly, Craig Campbell, Dan Deluca, Daniel Burton, Wendy Ertter, Drew Danburry, Dustin Verburg, The Boise Beat, Stephanie May, Elizabeth Irby, Emily and Peter Erb, Evy Llyan, Frances Nagashima, Lucas Littlefield, Bruce Maurey, Erica Paradiso, Ford Erickson, To Russia, Hannah Carlen, Spectre Entertainment, Alley Rep Theater, Current TV, Filter Magazine, Isaac Grambo, Jared Hallock, Jessie Duvall, Jeremy Sharp, Jimmie Denny, The Gorgeous Hussies, Darlin Broads, Vile Blue Shades, Jon Van Pelt, Josh Malone, Josh Simon, Joshua Wilkie, Julie Konton, Revolt Revolt, The Damphools, Kari Haugen, Katie Pool, Leif Elgethun, Kelsey Nunez, Kentaro Murai, Mike Siemens, Laura Dodge, Dan Ryskamp, What’s Up Magazine, Laura Rosenthal, Mark Oliver, Casey Finnigan, Lucas Mollerstuen, Michelle Hazen and Will, Kitty X House, Infintesmal Records, Peter Walters, Portia Early, Utah FM, Sean McCormick, KRCL, Sean Rogers, Sheryll Mae Grace, Simba Tirima, Travis Barrett, Seattle Weekly, Three Imaginary Girls, Tyler Nachtman, Alison Gomez, Jake Hite, El Dopamine, Bonefish Sam, and the 80-year-old lady that started the dance party at our Alive After Five set, and so on and so on. thank you all so much. and thanks to everyone else that continues to fuel our fire and have enthusiasm for what we do. thank you thank you thank you.
Finn Riggins