day 4 tour with Built To Spill // crazy halloween video

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first three shows with BUILT TO SPILL and DISCO DOOM in the bag. pretty incredible experience thus far. Eugene was really wild last night and both Portland shows were awesome, especially the second night… not to play favorites, but it definitely stepped it all up a notch…. so good to see so many old and new friends. been loving playing, but been really excited about seeing BTS so many times in a row. such an amazing band. each night very different and what a catalog of rad songs! very thankful for them giving us this opportunity and for treating us so kindly….

enjoying a day off in Portland today… head to Bellingham tomorrow, then up to Vancouver, BC which we’re really excited for… then a couple of Seattle shows and we wrap it all up in Spokane on Saturday. so very exciting. also, hope you’ve been enjoying the fun perspective that Rachael’s been providing in to the Finn Riggins adventureland…

this video from our Halloween backyard show in Las Cruces was just called to my attention. not much for visuals, but the audio is pretty awesome and hilarious. it was a wild night. here’s an audio glimpse. this is MAHONEY. it was the end of our set as midnight was rolling around in the chilly New Mexican air…

love you all,