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just spent a couple of epic days amongst the wildlands and national parks of northern arizona and southern utah after an epic Halloween night in Las Cruces, NM. been a great couple of days on top of a great tour already. lots of photos have been taken, not so many uploaded just yet. soon enough though… hung out at the Grand Canyon on Monday for several hours, Cam and i did some climbing to dangle our legs over the edge into the abyss… ate some Navajo tacos… stared in awe at the massive dam holding Lake Powell into it’s place… watched the full moon rise up above it… ran around on dunes of the finest and smoothest sand i’ve ever felt (and it’s pink!) by the light of the full moon then built a campfire nearby and listened to the elk bugle and the coyotes howl all night as we slept outside in the brisk fall air, moon lighting the landscape damn near as bright as the day… woke up and drove scenic HWY 12 through Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon and Escalante and Boulder Mountain… and we haven’t seen a cloud in the sky in 5 days since Eugene 3 weeks ago… or so it seems… lots of reasons to love the road… but admittedly am excited to sleep in my own bed this sunday. but first, show in Salt Lake City tonight, then Logan tomorrow, Pocatello friday and Rexburg saturday. see you all soon. thanks for all the love and support