thank god it’s springtime

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took a nice long break from this particular blogosphere…. wanted to throw some updates your way…

Boise has been treating us very very very well. we’ve been loving it here and the music scene we walked in to has been very welcoming and is particularly vibrant right now… which has been exciting.

back in February we took part in a really cool event that featured 26 Boise bands over two nights at the Visual Arts Collective for ROTATING TONGUES 2 — a local festival and live compilation recording. each band played one warm up song and then two brand new songs they’d never recorded or performed live before. it was an amazing event to witness and be a part of. the fruit from that endeavor is being harvest this coming weekend as the double disc compilation is being officially released on Saturday April 18th — National Independent Record Store Day. our new song The Collider kicks off disc 2. you can get a sneakpeak of that tune on our myspace site as well as some brief back story on the song on our myspace blog… for more info on the record as a whole go to very excited to hear the whole thing because all the bands really rose to the occasion.

that event really got the ball rolling for what’s been a spring very focused on new material as we prepare to record a new album in May… we’ve been starting to air out some of the new songs at recent shows including this past weekend in Oregon… great shows in Pendleton and Ashland and capped off with the Tender Loving Empire / Boy Gorilla Showcase at the IKE Box in Salem for the Cherry City Music Festival. what a fantastic weekend. we had a blast and want to thank everyone that came out and rocked out. and thanks for all the feedback on the new material! there will probably be some photos posted from CCMF on the TLE blog soon…

been playing a bunch of fun local and regional shows this spring… including 3 days with LOW RED LAND just over a week ago, a sweet St. Patrick’s Day show in Boise with IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN and MICROBABIES, a wild set at Tubapalooza up in McCall in a snowstorm — i had snowdrifts on my keyboards!! — it was amazing. also a fun benefit back in March for a really cool and crafty crew doing some rad things for the Boise community called THE MEND PROJECT. also a couple of great trips back up to our old stomping grounds of Hailey for shows at Fresshies and the Sun Valley Brewery and an epic bithday party for our friend Tibby in her sister’s living room… and lots of great stuff at the coolest venue in the NW — Visual Arts Collective — located in Garden City, which just happens to be in the middle of Boise… weird, i know, but true. and awesome

and that was all during our “break”… in two weeks we leave for a 2 week NW tour and as soon as we get back from that we go in to the studio to track the new record (slated to be released in September on Tender Loving Empire!!) followed immediately with two shows with Built To Spill then a show with Mike Watt & The Missingmen then our big Ranch Fest party out near Fairfield on the Bouiss ranch for Cam’s birthday featuring a bunch of our band friends (Tartufi + Low Red Land + Test Audiences + Le Fleur + Hillfolk Noir + Milo Duke + Piers Lamb)… all in the 2 weeks right after tour… so yeah, May is going to be pretty crazy. all very very very exciting stuff though… we won’t be doing any major US touring again until the fall when the record comes out, but we’ll be playing locally and regionally a decent amount this spring and summer as well as enjoying Idaho while we’re here… definitely need to get outside in the mountains!! our most up-to-date show schedule is at lots and lots of stuff on the horizon… more info on the new album to come to light soon soon soon….

oh yeah, another new track will be released in about a month on the new Tender Loving Empire compilation that will be released on May 16th. our tune MAHONEY is on disc 2. this year’s TLE comp is bigger and badder than ever. one full disc of only Portland acts and one disc for non-Portlanders. some names you might recognize on this year’s comp: Starfucker, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Tune-Yards, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Kickball, World’s Greatest Ghosts, Super XX Man, Dirty Mittens, Typhoon, Low Red Land, Halloween Swim Team, The Dont’s, Geographer, Small Sur and on and on and on. sooooo exciting. for more info go to

anyways, that’s a quick run through of what’s been happening and what’s going to happen. will try and keep this a little more up-to-date as we move forward…

thanks for listening.
on behalf of all of us here at camp finn riggins…
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