10/27/08 + 10/28/08 recording. Burlington, VT

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///woke up before daylight in New Hampshire to hit the road for our 9am load-in for a recording session in Burlington, VT. beautiful sunrise on our way. fog. fall colors.

our friend Jamie Wiener engineered the session at Eclectic Recording Studios. with just two eight hour days to work with, we focused on 4 songs. three of which have been in live rotation for awhile now: Battle, Bus Pilot and the new version of Mahoney (My Homie). the fourth song we laid down is brand new. we started practicing it the week before tour and have played it a few times on this tour to help get it ready. it’s called Antoinette.

we got drum tracks for all four songs done on the first day as well as keys on Battle, then cruised back to Jamie’s farm house about an hour away north of Montpelier and ate dinner with him and his wife Alex. they cooked up their rooster that had been killed by a weasel a couple of days before. it was surprisingly good. we slept amazingly.

next morning we got to hang with their kids Finneas and Zephyr as well as their goats and pigs — super cute — before heading back into Burlington to finish up. we had an amazing time at their farm. really blessed to have such good people in our lives.

second and final day of recording went great. busted all the keys, guitar and vocal tracks without any major problems. curious to hear how it’ll all turn out. no direct plans for release just yet, but it felt good to get the ball rolling on some new recordings.

cruised back to New Hampshire that evening in a pretty nasty rain / snow / sleet storm, but made it safely to Lisa’s parents house and hit the sack since we had an early date at Lisa’s high school alma mater in the morning.