10/11/08 Bozeman, MT

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///long drive to Bozeman. stopped and saw my sister in Couer d’Alene. she baked us cookies. by the time we got to Butte, MT it was 29 degrees outside!! 29 degrees!! on October 11th!! right after Butte we crossed the Continental Divide in a snow storm!! a snow storm!! on October 11th!! it got nastier after then. lots of semi-trucks struggling up slick roads… we didn’t have much trouble and powered through to Bozeman… The Grown Children were having a little harder time and moving slower… so we sprinted to the venue and setup to play first in their stead… they showed up right before we started…

show was at The Filling Station. and was a benefit for Stephanie Tooey, who has an inoperable brain tumor and in need of some help with her medical bills… the weather seemed to have kept folks from coming out. pretty disappointing considering it was a benefit. we appreciate Grant from Compound Productions for the effort… but he was definitely pretty bummed on the turnout.

we played a power set then cleared the way for The Grown Children who sounded fantastic in that room. too bad there weren’t other folks to appreciate it… after them, the fascinatingly different and lounder and scarier Gnarwail shredded some gnar on us all. pretty cool mathy proggy stuff behind the barking vocals. scary clown up front. and struggling gorilla mascot. it was pretty classic. during their set several of us were trying to get The Grown Children’s van — James Brown — to start…. the king of soul didn’t seem to enamored with the cold. he would eventually decide to stay in the parking lot for the night while we all cruised to our hotel rooms. winter was already here. we didn’t even have time to get our xmas tree up yet…

locals Liquefaction closed the night out to pretty much us and a couple of girlfriends. nice guys. but we were happy to roll out. pretty weird night all around. snow. van breakdown. poorly attended benefit concert. metal bands playing after us. it was strange. but all part of the adventure.

thanks to Grant for having us. and for hooking up hotel rooms and pizza. the hotel rooms were incredible considering the snow and nastiness. Bozeman, we hope to be back under better circumstances. take care.

///reporting for all of us finn rigginses