Day 54: The Elbo Room. Chicago, IL. 4-27-08

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\\\woke up nice and late in Bloomington and cruised back downtown to experience the original Waffle House, a place not connected to the chain restaurants that we’re known to frequent, especially late night. This waffle house is a local establishment, and is the reason that the chain stores are called something like Waffle and Steak in Indiana. The place has been there for a long time, and the menu is bigger and more varied than the average waffle house. It was a huge and decadent breakfast. we were proud to be maintaining our very important research into local and awesome restaurants around the country.

\\\We got to Chicago in time (despite some traffic) to hit up some Chicago style deep-dish pizza before our show. Completing our research for the day…

\\\We played at a venue called the Elbo room, the same place we played in the fall with Woven. This time we had similar problems with local acts cancelling, but we were joined by local act Violent Vicious and the Vagabonds, who were sweethearts and did manage to get some friends to come out on short notice for the show. It was a small but enthusiastic crowd.

\\\Everything ended early, which we were thankful for, and packed up on high gear and headed a few blocks away to see some music for ourselves… We had found out in Ypsilanti that one of the bands we played with there — Child Bite — was going to be playing with our good musical friend Merrill from Sister Suvi in Chicago at a venue called Fuck Mountain. We headed there hoping to at least catch a few songs. It was tricky to find, but once we did get there Merrill — as her solo project Tune-Yards — had only played one or town songs since the bands had gotten shut down by the police after a noise complaint. So we got to catch most of her set… which was awesome. Merrill is amazing and it was rad to see her solo, and certainly made us all look forward to the next time we will get to see / play with Sister Suvi again.

\\\reporting for all of us finn rigginses
\\\lisa + gilbert