Day 49: Univ. of Rhode Island. Kingston, RI. 4-22-08

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\\\woke up next to the atlantic ocean in newport, rhode island. spent a good portion of the morning by the water collecting sea shells and taking breathing the salty air.

\\\cam and i fulfilled our mission of eating fresh lobster. it was amazing. turns out the lobster in rhode island is pretty epic too.

\\\lighthouses rule.

\\\drove to Kingston, RI to play a show at the 193 Degrees Coffeehouse on the University of Rhode Island campus with a rad band from Rhode Island called Milo.

\\\milo. (not to be confused with the man. milo duke. different all together. but still awesome.)

\\\we slept in a couple dorm rooms on the UofRI campus that night. thanks to the kate and her friend that offered up their cozy jail cells. it was a fresh experience to say the least. it was awesome. yay for beds!!

reporting for all of us finn rigginses