Day 27: Martin’s Downtown Bar & Grill. Roanoke, VA. 3-31-08

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Monday night show? Expectations are usually pretty low for mondays… Especially on a rainy night like this one. We were, however, playing with the infamous Illbotz on their home turf on this particular Monday night. We met them in Greenville, NC when we played with them there in October. They are incredible. Super hilarious and talented comedy hip-hop. So we were pumped and had been looking forward to this show. We were playing with their friends Doug Cheatwood & the Bastards of Fate as they would be touring together, and had no idea what to expect.

The Illbotz kicked the night off. Even dedicated their tune “Gyeah!” to us. Oh my. They make me so incredibly happy. And they played Biz Markie’s “You got what I need” again. Love it. There whole set filled me with all kinds of naughty joy. And a lot of people had already showed up at Martin’s, could definitely tell the show was going to be good. Not sure what the crowd would think of us, but were pleasantly surprised. We played next and were greeted with some moving bodies and some great energy from the crowd. Really really fun set.

The Bastards of Fate closed the night out with a super fun set of their “avant party music”. Fantastic stuff. All over the place and great stage antics and hilarity. Reminded me of the Talking Heads meets They Might Be Giants meets Zappa meets crackrock. What a great night of music. check these kind and awesome folks out:

ILLBOTZ there new album “Ringtones for Rotary Phones” is enourmously creamy. seriously.

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After the show we were tipped off to visit the infamous Texas Tavern. oh holy twilight zone. a language and timezone all its own… the Texas Tavern transcended all of human existence into a whole new realm of dinerdom and grazing experience. sure the time of night on a rainy monday night may have played a role, but the entire operation — however tiny it may be — was a site and an experience to behold… unbelievable.

we used that as a launch pad into the wee hours as we hit the road in anticipation of our hotel room that was waiting for us in Greenville, NC the next day…

reporting for all of us finn rigginses